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          Products and Solutions
          Products and Solutions
          • Digital Conference
          • Smart government
          • Smart manufacturing
          • Smart City
          • Smart medical
          • Industry solutions
          Digital Conference

          Since 1978, the digital conference national team has continuously served the 12th to 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the 6th to 13th National two sessions of the Communist Party of China for 40 years. It has successfully guaranteed the elections of nearly 30 provincial Party congresses, the "two sessions" and the Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Regions, ensuring the complete success of the election work.

          Smart government

          It is mainly oriented to business fields such as government big data application and statistical big data application.

          Smart manufacturing

          Build an intelligent manufacturing platform for manufacturing enterprises, build equipment interconnection, industrial collaboration and quality traceability, and help enterprises upgrade from automation and digitization to intelligence. The preliminary application demonstration in tobacco, petroleum, banknote printing and other industries has been completed.

          Smart City

          Relying on the new generation of information technologies such as cloud, big, material and mobile, we use information and communication technology to perceive, analyze and integrate various key information of the urban operation core system, and build an urban service management platform to realize data collection, transmission, utilization and management. Make intelligent response to various needs including people's livelihood, environmental protection, public safety, urban services, industrial and commercial activities and urban transportation, so as to realize urban intelligent management and operation, so as to create a better and convenient urban life and promote the harmonious and sustainable development of the city.

          Smart medical

          Based on the medical industry, adhering to the development concept of "industry, University, research and application", we have long-term and in-depth cooperation with West China Hospital of Sichuan University and accumulated rich experience. At present, it has developed clinical ultrasound simulation teaching system, transesophageal echocardiography monitor, artificial intelligence anesthesia auxiliary system, medical equipment Internet of things intelligent management system, etc. the products have been successfully applied in three first-class hospitals in China and have begun to be popularized throughout the country.

          Industry solutions

          It provides rich it solutions for tobacco, oil and gas, money printing and Minting, medical and other industries.

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          中科院成都信息技術股份有限公司 - National Science and technology team controlled by the Chinese Academy of Sciences -

          Chengdu Information Technology Co., Ltd. of Chinese Academy of Sciences is a high-tech listed company controlled by Chinese Academy of Sciences Holding Co., Ltd., which is transformed from Chengdu Institute of computer application, Chinese Academy of Sciences, founded in 1958. The company's main business is to provide information-based overall solutions, intelligent engineering and related products and technical services for government, tobacco, oil and gas, special printing and other industries with high-speed machine vision and intelligent analysis technology as the core.


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